Why Join?

How to join the FJC: First, click HERE to join the member database, then click HERE to subscribe to the mailing list, which is our official means of communication with our members.

Thanks for joining!

  • FJC will bring jazz performances to venues in your area.
  • FJC will host free or low-cost jazz history and appreciation events.
  • FJC will host free or low-cost jazz education opportunities (clinics,jazz jams, etc.).
  • FJC website will host a link page or database of music instructors, and can arrange discounts on personal instruction for your budding musical prodigy.
  • Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Members receive discounts on entry fees to FJC-sponsored events.
  • FJC website will offer a jazz history and education page, where you can read about featured performers and (via links) hear what they sound like.

  • FJC events and promo help keep the public interested in jazz. That's less time you have to spend convincing bar owners to hire your jazz group.
  • FJC can offer collective representation to secure better deals with venues.
  • FJC can offer collective representation and a public face to dealings with local government, to secure more relaxed restrictions on busking, parking at outdoor events, and noise ordinances.
  • FJC website will host a complete list of local venues and booking agents for your convenience.
  • FJC website can host a musician’s list for those occasions where you need fill-in players for gigs and recording.
  • FJC website will host a band/performer link page, promo page, or database, to help clients and venues find you when they need a band. (If possible, maybe we could also host a database with your schedule, and do automated booking!)
  • FJC website will host an online calendar of events to list your shows for free. For a nominal yearly surcharge (added to your dues), the FJC can work with local papers and internet media outlets to ensure your events are listed automatically in their online and print calendars.
  • FJC can arrange discounts on recording at local studios.
  • FJC can work with similar collectives in Richmond and D.C. to ensure your contact and booking info, along with website links, are up-front-and-center in their databases and webpages.
  • FJC can bring you clients for your private tutoring business, via our public education events and online services.

  • FJC website will offer one-stop-shopping for your jazz entertainment needs,by listing bands/performers in your area, their specialties, booking contact info, pricing, and website links.
  • FJC personnel will be able to provide booking recommendations based on your needs.
  • FJC can offer no-cost educational and performance events when you have unbooked time slots on your stage. All we require is sufficient notice and a certain part of the publicity cost, which will be tax-deductible.This keeps your club full and your bar personnel busy, at little or no cost to you.
  • The FJC will be a willing ally in your dealings with local government regarding noise ordinances, hours of operation, and hosting of public outdoor events.
  • The FJC can make your venue known to the best regional acts, by listing your contact and booking agent info on our websites and those of the Richmond and DC-area music collectives.