FJC Board of Directors

A. The Collective maintains the following officers elected by the voting membership. Together these officers constitute the Board of Directors of the Collective:

Chairperson:  Maxine Clark
Vice-Chair   :  Harold Wilson
Treasurer    :  Jack East
Webmaster/Archivist  : Gary Calvin
Promotions Director : Stephen Hu
Productions Director : VACANT
Logistics Director : Slam Stewart
Jam Coordinator : Bruce Middle

Board members are up for election each year at our General Membership Meeting, usually held in July. All candidates for office must be members in good standing of the Collective, but do not have to pay dues while they serve on the board.

Official board meetings are held quarterly, but unofficial "Ad-Hoc" planning meetings are held once a month (see our calendar).

B. Powers and duties of the Board of Directors

  1. Serves the will of the membership.
  2. Serves as a liaison to relevant local, regional, and national public interest groups.
  3. Serves as the final legal board and mediates all internal legal proceedings.
  4. Makes/receives recommendations to/from the membership for the amendment of the Bylaws.
  5. Appoints temporary or ad hoc committees.
  6. Coordinates the work of the various committees and other working groups so as to assure the goals are mutually supportive.
  7. Ensures compliance of the Collective and its activities with local, state and federal laws.