FJC needs a new Vice-Chairperson for 2018


Do you love local jazz, and have people skills or administrative experience?

The FJC is looking for an interim Vice-Chair to serve on the Board until December 2018.

In our organization, the Vice-Chair is the liason between the general membership and the Board of Directors, and represents the members' interests at board meetings. The Vice-Chair also hosts the yearly General Membership meeting (typically in July), and performs the officer elections at this meeting (which is why the Vice-Chair's term is staggered by 6 months).

So, technically it's a one-day commitment at minimum, but of course we'd like to find someone who will converse with the membership on a regular basis, to understand how we can best serve them, and to make corresponding recommendations to the board during the year.

If you'd like to nominate yourself for this position, please send an email to the FJC board and describe why you think you'd make the right candidate. (Don't worry -- We're pretty easy to work with!).


- The Fredericksburg Jazz Collective